Our Work

Catalyst @ Health 2.0 (“Catalyst”) is the industry leader in forming strategic partnerships between digital health innovators and companies interested in new healthcare technology. Experts in building the digital health ecosystem, we host competitive innovation “challenge” events and develop programs to aid startups as they pilot and commercialize novel healthcare technologies around the world.

Since 2010, our team has hosted 90+ innovation challenges with $9mm in awards, coordinated over 175 pilot programs to test new technologies, and created more than 1,500 connections for firms via professional matchmaking events. Catalyst has also organized and hosted 25+ code-a-thons with software engineers and programmers involved in the health tech community.

Catalyst’s initiatives have served clients with digital health innovation and commercialization across the public and private sectors. Our global network is an extensive community that includes health information technology and new-media entrepreneurs, software developers, healthcare providers, payer organizations, pharmaceutical companies, philanthropic foundations, clinicians, patients, academics, researchers, non-profits, investment professionals, and government representatives. Through our efforts, we help advance real-world innovation that supports our evolving healthcare landscape.



Innovation Challenges

Innovation Challenges allow organizations to crowdsource digital health solutions through competitions focused on particular healthcare issues.


Market Intelligence and Reporting

Catalyst has experience and connections that allow our team to deeply understand market trends, novel technologies, and how digital health is shaping the industry and its stakeholders.

Ecosystem and Pilot Programs

Ecosystem and Pilot Programs give healthcare organizations and investors the opportunity to meet digital health innovators and test their technologies.



Matchmaking provides a platform for leaders and investors at hospital systems, healthcare organizations, technology companies, and investment firms to meet digital health companies with innovative solutions.