Market Intelligence

Catalyst has the experience and connections for our team to deeply understand market trends, novel technologies, and how digital health is shaping the industry and its stakeholders. Through this work, we have tracked and showcased the connected mobile, web, and cloud revolution in health information technology.


Our unique industry positioning gives us an unrivaled depth of knowledge that has been used to form a proprietary database, Source DB. It contains detailed information on more than 4,500 companies, 6,500 products, and 14,000 individuals. Source DB is designed to describe and organize companies in a user-friendly interface. In addition, it catalogues companies and products according to categories, sub-segments, and unique tags. Source DB combined with the expertise of our team, network, and subscribed industry and evidence-based research, gives Catalyst the ability to create comprehensive competitive and market intelligence reports that help our clients as they develop their strategic goals.

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Catalyst’s efforts have served many clients with digital health innovation and commercialization across the public and private sectors. Our global network is an extensive community of contacts comprised of health information technology and new-media entrepreneurs, software developers, healthcare providers, payer organizations, pharmaceutical companies, philanthropic foundations, clinicians, patients, academics, researchers, non-profits, investment professionals, and government representatives. We are connected to a large portion of the digital health, technology, big pharma, healthcare, and investment sectors through our network of industry professionals as well as those associated with us through the following:

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29,000 subscribers to the bi-weekly Catalyst newsletter

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65,000 followers on Twitter (@catalyst_H20, @boltyboy, and @THCBstaff)

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90,000 -100,000 visitors per month to our sister blog, The Health Care Blog