Ecosystem and Pilot Programs

With a growing focus on health and technology across the world, leaders are recognizing the need to encourage growth and innovation that will improve the quality, efficiency, and affordability of healthcare. Ecosystem Programs give established organizations and investors the opportunity to attend professionally curated matchmaking sessions with vetted startups that are prepared to pilot their technologies. Once partnerships are formed, Catalyst manages pilot testing from concept to completion, helping all parties to efficiently organize their studies and establish measurable ROI outcomes, including metrics like user adoption rates, clinical usefulness, and cost savings.

We are dedicated to forging strategic partnerships that enhance the digital health ecosystem around the world. With the help of our clients, Catalyst has successfully implemented large-scale programs that have facilitated over 1,500 curated matchmaking meetings and managed 175+ pilots globally.

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Through our vast network, Catalyst brings premiere healthcare stakeholders to the table to meet with promising innovators. Leaders and investors at hospital systems, healthcare organizations, technology companies, and investment firms will receive curated schedules of meetings with digital health companies that fit their specific interests.

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Pilot Studies

By testing technologies, organizations de-risk their commitment to large-scale implementation and gauge the usefulness of a new tool. Catalyst works with clients to arrange 6-12 month pilots and provides assistance during the process to keep studies organized. We track every pilot closely and ensure that milestones are met, progress occurs, and success metrics are reported in a timely manner. Catalyst have seen multiple commercial partnerships form after the completion of a pilot study, as this “test phase” allows an organization to determine the long-term viability and advantages of adopting a new technology.


Current Ecosystem and Pilot Programs

TechEmerge Health Brazil

TechEmerge Health Brazil, an International Finance Corporation (IFC) World Bank Group initiative, is a market-access program for proven technology companies that are aiming to grow their businesses in emerging markets. In conjunction with Catalyst, IFC’s unique acceleration platform connects startups from around the world with leading corporations in emerging economies. The objective is to pilot technologies with the intent to commercialize products in new markets, spurring sustainable innovation in regions that need it the most.


Do you have a technology that has the potential to save lives and empower the mental well being of Californians? The California Mental Health Services Authority and its affiliated counties are looking to partner with you to pilot your technology! Help@Hand is a California statewide collaborative project to bring technology-based mental health solutions to the public mental health system through a highly innovative “suite” of digital solutions. The goals of this initiative are to increase access to mental health care, promote early detection of mental health symptoms, and predict the onset of mental illness.

Past Featured Ecosystem and Pilot Programs

Digital Health Marketplace

The Digital Health Marketplace, a Catalyst ecosystem program with the NYC Economic Development Corporation, focused on bolstering innovation and creating health tech jobs in New York City’s five boroughs. This expansive program combined the best of what we do - competitions, curated matchmaking, commercialization awards, pilot studies, and thought leadership - in an effort to facilitate rapid adoption of new digital health technologies in NYC.

TechEmerge Health India

TechEmerge Health India, an International Finance Corporation (IFC) World Bank Group initiative, focused on bringing long-lasting technology solutions to the forefront of Indian healthcare. The program connected innovators from around the world with Indian healthcare providers to accomplish the dual goals of improving healthcare delivery and patient outcomes through structured pilots. Selected participants gained funding and guidance from the TechEmerge team to pilot their tech innovations in the Indian market, with the ultimate goal of wider, commercial implementation of technology.

Technology for Healthy Communities

Technology for Healthy Communities was a digital health pilot program supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. It facilitated technology adoption at the community level by tackling the most pressing local health issues. The program connected health technology innovators with three under-served communities across the U.S. with the goals of improving health outcomes and building sustainable partnerships.